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Fimka art is a brand created by a visual artist for more than 10 years. Fimka's paintings are unrepeatable, unique in their uniqueness, created by a professional painter. They talk about feelings, experiences, adventures that occur in the course of life. Emotions are placed on canvas using the unseen handwriting of the painter. The way of life is different for each of us, but everyone experiences joy, friendship,  darkness, love. These are the topics Fimka talks about. Her practice is also filled with a philosophical addition to the negotiation section. The images used in the paintings are specially created to experience the events of the new world created on the canvas, which are marked in the course of everyday life. You have a unique opportunity to see this accomplishment and delve into the intimacy of a kindred soul.





2006-2010 Advert designers specialization in Art School of design, Valmiera, Latvia
2017- 2021 Batchlors degree in Art Academy of Latvia, Riga


Since 2011  working as a tattoo artist in the Fimkatattoo Valmiera , Latvia and also in the Navan co Meath, Ireland.
2016-2017 Working as a guest tattoo artist in the Inkredible Inks and Dragon Tattoo studios, Dublin, Ireland.
Since 2010 working as caricaturist 
Event guest artist- caricaturist since 2013
Professional airbrush artist since 2015



2012 “Kaktu māksla” Cēsīs, Latvia
2019 “SEB stipendija glezniecībā 2019 – VĒRTĪBA” Rīga, LMA, Latvia
2019 “Ūdens virsma” Burtnieki, Latvia
2019 “Latvijas Valsts meži” Rīga, LMA, Latvia
2020 “Mākslas dienas 2020. Covid-19” Virtual art exhibition , Latvian Artists association (LSM) Riga, Latvia
2020 “SEB stipendija glezniecībā 2020- Dienaskārtība” Virtual art exhibition due to global Pandemy.


2019 Special set of paintings in the Live music venue “Live art”, Valmiera
2020 Special set of paintings in the shopping center “Valleta”, Valmiera